Foresight was founded in 1967 at the beginning of the environmental movement, and we have matured together. Foresight Land Services believes strongly that there must be a sustainable balance between appropriate development and the protection of our environment. An increasingly complex network of environmental laws and regulations requires that property owners and developers identify, minimize and mitigate the environmental impacts of every project.

The synergy created by having Planning, Engineering, Surveying and Environmental specialists under one roof enables Foresight to complete a comprehensive assessment of the environmental impact of projects. This helps our clients anticipate problems before they become unsurmountable, and to devise cost- effective solutions which reconcile the regulatory issues with the client's project goals.

Foresight can thereby assist our clients in navigating their project through the many stages of the regulatory and construction process.

Environmental Services

Research, Resource Identification and Evaluation, Baseline Condition, Documentation, Environmental Permit Applications, Alternatives and Impact Analyses, Mitigation Design.

  • Wetland Resource Delineation and Evaluation
  • Wetlands and Water Quality Permitting
  • Stormwater Mitigation Design
  • Public Presentations (e.g., Town Conservation Commissions)
  • Bio-Resource Engineering
  • Environmental Impact Studies (State and Municipal)
  • MDEP (Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection) Permitting
  • Construction Compliance Monitoring and Reporting


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