One of Foresight’s greatest strengths is the synergy between Planning, Engineering, Land Surveying, and Environmental Permitting. We provide a full-service team approach to our design projects. Our experienced personnel look at project sites and program objectives from many points of reference -- aesthetic, historic, engineering, surveying, soils, environmental, cultural and regulatory. This overview of projects helps us identify alternative approaches which might have been overlooked. Our in-house "foresight" often helps our Client improve the project’s feasibility, cost-effectiveness, regulatory compliance, compatibility with the neighborhood, and the "fit" with the natural landscape.

The synergy and foresight on which the firm prides itself is also supported by our integrated computer technology. This allows quick turnaround of site surveys, compilation of base mapping with site analysis, overlay with scanned images and aerial photographs, and presentation of alternative designs, all in electronic formats. All of this information can be quickly and easily shared with other team members using our Internet connection.

For large commercial and institutional Projects, Foresight often provides its services as part of a larger team, led by the Client. Other project team members usually include the client’s Attorney, Architect, Landscape Architect, Highway Engineer, and other specialized consultants. Our Principal Planner often acts as Foresight’s Project Manager on these multi-firm team projects.

Planning Services:

Site Data Research, Site Analysis, Site Design, Grading and Drainage, Site Renderings and Presentation Graphics, Permit Applications and Impact Studies

  • Site Planning
  • Streetscape Design
  • Zoning and Subdivision Permitting
  • Project Management
  • Public Presentations
  • Wetlands and Stormwater Management Permitting
  • Environmental Impact Studies (MEPA, Municipal)
  • Land Use Studies and Alternatives Analyses
  • Feasibility Analyses



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