About Us

Foresight Land Services

Foresight Land Services, Inc. is dedicated to providing our clients with coordinated engineering, surveying, planning, and environmental permitting services. We have built our reputation in the greater Berkshire region by performing services that are creative, fast, accurate, responsive and well-managed.

We have served the greater Berkshire region since 1967 (known then as Brown Associates, Inc.). Based in Pittsfield, MA, our staff includes professional engineers and surveyors registered in the states of Massachusetts and New York. Our staff are OSHA-trained for operations on hazardous waste sites (29 CFR 1910.120).

We have highly skilled and motivated professionals who utilize the capabilities of high technology without losing sight of basic principles and common sense.

Foresight’s professional practice combines the personal attention of a principal with a team approach to project development.

We have many years of commercial, industrial, educational and institutional development experience including:

  • Tanglewood/Boston Symphony Orchestra
  • Canyon Ranch
  • Elm Court
  • Cranwell/Miraval
  • Blantyre
  • Jacob’s Pillow
  • Crane Currency
  • Gould Farm
  • Williams College
  • Berkshire School
  • Miss Hall’s School
  • Berkshire Botanical Garden
  • Municipal projects (i.e. sidewalks, paving, culverts, bridges, utilities, recreational paths & courts, etc.)
  • All phases of surveying and mapping.
  • Civil engineering design.
  • Environmental and zoning permitting services.
  • Public works for MassDOT and municipal agencies including roads, bridges, and other infrastructure projects.
  • Site planning.
  • Site work construction administration.