Foresight’s greatest strength is the synergy between its planners, engineers, surveyors and environmental service professionals to deliver a multi-discipline team approach to our designs.

Services: Site research analysis and design, grading and drainage, site renderings, impact Studies, zoning analyses, concept planning, and more.

Our experienced personnel look at project sites and program objectives from many points of reference — aesthetic, historic, engineering, surveying, soils, environmental, cultural and regulatory. This holistic overview of projects helps us identify creative alternative approaches that often help our clients improve their project’s feasibility, cost-effectiveness, regulatory compliance, compatibility with the neighborhood, and the “fit” with the natural landscape.

The synergy and foresight on which the firm prides itself are also supported by our integrated computer technology. This allows us to quickly and efficiently electronically deliver site surveys, compilations of base mapping with site analysis, overlays with scanned images and aerial photographs, and alternative designs. This information can be quickly and easily shared electronically with other team members.

For large commercial and institutional projects, Foresight often provides its services as part of a larger, client-led team of attorneys, architects, landscape architects, highway engineers and other specialized consultants. Our Principals often act as Foresight’s Project Manager on these multi-firm team projects.

We frequently team up with architects to perform the civil/sitework for building projects.  On other land development projects, we act as a team leader working with specialized sub-consultants in such areas as traffic analysis, wildlife biology and endangered species surveys and protection, geotechnical studies, and landscape architecture.