Environmental Services

Foresight and the environmental movement have matured together for more than 50 years. We bring that experience – along with a belief in achieving a sustainable balance between appropriate development and protection of our environment – to your project.

Services: Wetland delineations, permitting, stormwater management, regulatory compliance and more.

Foresight believes strongly that there must be a sustainable balance between appropriate development and the protection of our environment. The increasingly complex network of environmental laws and regulations requires that property owners and developers identify, minimize and mitigate the environmental impacts of every project.

Our client projects benefit from our planning, engineering, surveying and environmental specialists working together to complete a comprehensive assessment of the environmental impact of projects. This enables us to identify problems before they become insurmountable and to devise cost-effective solutions for our clients that reconcile regulatory issues with their project goals. We support your project every step of the way to completion.

We are proud of our long-term commitment to designing projects that are environmentally sensitive, low-impact, and sustainable. Many of our projects include designing and assisting with permits for work near environmentally sensitive wetlands and endangered wildlife habitats.