Foresight thrives on understanding our client’s goals, then working as partners in achieving those goals.

Services: Site development, site studies, stormwater management, municipal and private civil services, construction plans and bid documents, and more.

Our first step on any project is to ensure we fully understand our client’s goals while providing them the benefit of our expertise on the type of project at hand. Our success comes from working in partnership with our clients to meet and exceed their project objectives.

Our civil engineering staff works to deliver timely, accurate and cost-effective designs and construction documents and plans. Whether we are working as part of a larger project team that includes architects, attorneys, specialty engineers, or other consultants, or as the prime consultant, we are committed to achieving our client’s objectives. We approach each project with an eye for detail, respect for the environment, and a concern for public health and safety.

Our projects differ greatly in terms of their locations, complexity and size, but our “can-do” attitude permeates each one and has won us many long-term repeat clients who recognize the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of trusting Foresight with their projects.

We are proud of our long-term commitment to designing projects that are environmentally sensitive, low-impact, and sustainable. Many of our projects include designing and assisting with permits for work near environmentally sensitive wetlands and endangered wildlife habitats.